After receiving a great response to the initial release of Grid Studio we asked ourselves how we would like to continue developing the project going forward. We looked at the use cases that come up for users of Grid Studio and which ones we thought were the most interesting and promising to guide feature development.

To us, the spreadsheet is a great tool for getting a good sense of what is in your data. Second, the spreadsheet interface provides an interactive experience that makes it easier to quickly try ideas and learn new things.

However, we also identified that for the use case of predictive modeling, a typical goal for data science projects, the spreadsheet also has some downsides. Issues of reproducability, iteration and structure are not well addressed by the current version of Grid Studio.

With the next iteration of Grid Studio we're focussing our attention on improving the experience when developing predictive models. We wanted to take the good parts from the current version of Grid Studio and augment them with additional features that will make it easier than ever to create predictive models based on open source data science libraries in the Python ecosystem and beyond.

We're working hard to define the scope of the next iteration of Grid Studio and get our next prototype to something that is usable for all of you to play with.

Some things you can expect in the next release of Grid Studio that we have been working on:

With this new direction we believe we will move away from a general purpose spreadsheet tool to a more specialized tool targeted at data scientists who want to create predictive models. Our original vision for the project was to develop the next generation data science platform, as we learned from Grid Studio's users and best practices that are being deployed by data scientists across fields we were able to come up with better answers to some of the important questions that we were considering as part of developing Grid Studio.

We hope you'll like the next iteration as much as we do - we can't wait to get feedback from all of you and release the next version of Grid Studio to the data science community.